Personal IDs

Personal IDs (Digital IDPersonal Certificates)

A Personal ID (also called Personal Certificate or Digital ID) has mainly three functions:


Encryption: With a digital identity one can protect e-mails or documents from phishing and hacking attacks. The identity of the author and sender is confirmed by the Certification Authority. Moreover, if both the sender and receiver have a Digital ID, they can encrypt the message and thereby secure the transmission.

Digital SignatureDigital Signature: A Digital ID can also be used to sign e-mails or electronic documents. The author thereby commits to its content. The legal impact of a digital signature depends on its quality. The range goes from simple e-mail signatures to qualified signatures that are equivalent to handwritten signatures.


Authentication: A Digital ID can finally be used to authenticate a user towards a system, server or network. For instance, websites are increasingly enabled for certificate login by its visitors. Or companies enable Windows login for their employees using their digital ID.

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