Sectigo Positive SSL EV

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Offers the highest available levels of authentication across any SSL type. It is advanced security with green URL bar.

  • Validation: EV

  • $250,000 WARRANTY

  • FREE option: secures domain with and without WWW prefix ( and

  • Single domain name security

  • 99.30% browser recognition

  • 128/256 bit encryption strength

  • 2048 bit key length

  • Universal major browser compatibility

  • Web and e-mail customer support

  • Full business validated certificate

  • Upgrade options

  • Full technical customer support

  • Extended Validation technology ensures the highest protection against phishing

  • Turns address bar Green

  • EV AUTO Enhancer - shows the green bar to more visitors (e.g. users of Internet Explorer 7.0 and 8.0, Windows XP, Vista i 7.0)

  • Unlimited re-issue period

  • Corner of Trust trustmark for FREE

Important notice:

The requirements in order to obtain a Comodo Extended Validation EV SSL certificate are considerable. In any case you will have to fill in the following two forms, sign and send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.:

  • Subscriber Agreement
  • Certificate Request Form

Current versions of these documents are downloadable at:

In addition, your company has to be registered at the trade registry. Also it has to be listed with a phone number in one of the public phone directories mentioned under the following link:

For Sole proprietorship companies (not LLC and Ltd.) the following Face-to-Face document is also required to be filled in and confirmed by a licensed/commissioned notary, or a licensed attorney:

GlobalProtec LLC was founded in April 2013. Today it is the main Swiss broker for SSL certificates, digital signatures and identities.

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