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QuoVadis EV SSL Certificate

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Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates are the latest type of SSL certificates, issued according to guidelines from the CA/Browser Forum. Members of the CA/B Forum include the major browsers and SSL certification authorities from around the world, including QuoVadis.

The expansion of online business is accompanies by growing concerns about the rise of "phishing" and other Internet scams, whose financial consequences weaken the trust in electronic communications. The new EV SSL certificates help reduce these criminal activities by providing a rigorous regime to validate the identity of companies, their control of domains, and the authority of their staff.

The new validation standard
EV SSL certificates follow the same validation process, no matter which CA issued them or the location of the company or the protected website. In addition, the new generation of browsers clearly highlight the identity information in the EV SSL certificate using enhanced security reports. This makes it easier for the visitors to know that they are at the correct website, and to confirm who owns it.

Browsers show green for go
If a browser encounters an EV SSL certificate, the address bar changes its color to green. The name of the certificate holder and the certificate issuer is shown. The knowledge to be on an authentic website and being able to verify it, increases confidence in the certificate owner.

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